At many of our pack meetings, scouts get to come forward and read a joke from the joke box.  Some of the jokes are really funny.  Some are groaners.  But it's always fun to get up and tell a joke.
Our joke box needs new material.  Cubmaster Bill will give a clip-on key ring with a lanyard and a bead to any scout that provides a new joke.  For each additional joke you provide, you'll get another bead.  Clip your beads onto your belt loop to show everyone how funny you are!
Write your jokes on 3x5 index cards, and bring them to the next meeting.  (Put your name on the back of the card.)  Or, email your jokes to
Question/Answer jokes and Knock-Knock jokes work better with an audience than some other types of jokes. 
Example Question/Answer Joke Card:
Q:  Why did the chicken cross the road?
A:  To get to the other side.
Example Knock-Knock Joke Card:
Knock Knock  (Who's there?)
Doris (Doris who?)
Doris locked, that's why I knocked!