So you're thinking about joining our pack?

You're wondering, what Cub Scouts and Pack 565 is all about. 

In a word scouting is fun.
Has your son ever shot a bow and arrow? Has your family ever camped in a tent or cooked over an open campfire? How about marched in a parade with Stormtroopers and Darth Vader?  

Not only can your son have a blast 
camping but
 he can learn to tie knots, how to fish, go on hikes and make lasting friendships.

You and your son can do all these activities and more when you sign him up with our Pack.

While scouts is fun, there's more to the program then just camping and knots. Scouting has, from it's beginning been an educational program to help boys build character, teach boys valuable life skills, and help them grow from boys into men. 

On the right are links to several pages that should help you, as a parent, gain a greater understanding of our Pack and Scouting. However, no website is adequate to encompass all of what scouting can offer. The best way to learn is by doing. So we invite you to visit us so you can see first hand how great a program we have to offer you, your scout, and your whole family.

  1. What is Cub Scouting?
  2. You Get to do What?
  3. Getting Started With Our Pack.
  4. Core Value of Scouting.
  5. How Will Scouts Help My Son Grow?
  6. Your Role as a Parent.