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Pack 565 Takes Off!

posted Mar 11, 2013, 4:52 PM by Greg Dawes

    Pack 565 attended an overnight at The  Strategic Air and Space Museum near Ashland Nebraska. I asked Julie a few questions about the experience. What is your favorite plane? " Well, I like the Stealth." Julie said. And what exactly does it look like? "It sort of looks like a diamond shape and is black.", said Julie. Did you like the Museum? "Yes, yes I did. It had a lot of planes.", said Julie What did you think of the restrooms? "Funny question, I thought they were fine.", Julie answered. Did you get any sleep? "No, I did not! they woke us up really early!', Julie exclaimed.  What did you think of the Robot city exhibit? "It was awesome!" Julie said. This was a fun overnight!

article by Michael.