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Pack Meeting at Claas Combine Plant

posted Mar 11, 2013, 6:23 PM by Greg Dawes
    The Claas Combine Plant was the site of our November Pack Meeting. I interviewed Greg Dawes for this article. Greg was responsible for setting up the Pack visit. I asked Greg how were we able to go to visit Claas? " I have a good friendship with the senior president of Claas." Greg said. What was your favorite part of the visit? "Well, it was the plant tour!",  Greg said. The Webelos 1 & 2 put on two skits for the Pack, both were Star Wars themed; Princess Leia and the Three Wookies and The Three Little Jedis and the Big Bad General Greivous and Darth Vader. I asked Greg what he thought of the skits, "They were Awesome!", said Greg. We saw a whole bunch of combines on our tour, I asked Greg which one was his favorite. "The one with the caterpillar tracks was my favorite.", Greg said. Greg said he has never drove a combine, but has ridden in a one. The Mid-Amerca Pinewood Derby will also be held at the Class Plant in early May. 

article written by Adam