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posted Sep 18, 2011, 7:02 PM by
Cub Scout uniforms are available at the Scout Shop on Maple Street and at Canfields at 84th and Center. 
  • Please purchase a blue cub scout shirt (short-sleeved is recommended).  Webelos may wear a tan boy scout shirt rather than the blue cub scout shirt.
  • You do NOT need to purchase a neckerchief or slide.  Pack 565 will provide your neckerchief and slide.
  • You do NOT need to purchase a handbook.  Pack 565 will provide your handbook.
  • You DO need to purchase the following patches and have them attached to your shirt in the appropriate location.
    • World scouting crest (blue-purple circle with white fleur-de-lis) to be attached above your left front shirt pocket
    • Mid-America Council shoulder patch to be attached to the top of your left sleeve (Cubmaster Bill has some of these available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Ask Bill for one before you purchase one yourself.)
    • "565" unit number patches (available at scout shop and Canfields) or one-piece "565" patch (available from Troop 565) to be attached to your left sleeve, below the council shoulder patch
  • Our pack typically has only one den per rank (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos 1, Webelos 2), and so we haven't felt the need to assign numbers to our dens.  Therefore den number patches are not required.
  • Rank patches (Bobcat, Tiger,  Wolf, Bear, Webelo) and achievement patches are awarded to you by the pack.  You do not need to purchase these.
  • Our pack does not require official scout pants.  However, if you do not wear the official scout uniform pants, we do require that you wear blue denim jeans or shorts (in good condition).
  • It is recommended, but not required, that you purchase a cub scout belt and belt buckle.  Our scouts regularly earn "belt loop" awards, and the official cub scout belt is the best way to display those awards.  Webelos, note that cub scout belt loops will not fit on the boy scout belt because it is wider than the cub scout belt.  Cub scouts, you may be tempted to trim off some of the excess length of your belt when you are a young Tiger.  But you may find that your belt is too small by the time you are a first year webelo.
  • Official scout hats, socks, etc. are not required, but you may purchase and wear them if you wish.
  • Always wear decent-looking closed-toe shoes with your scout uniform.
You will be awarded additional patches and totems from time to time.  Check with your den leader or cubmaster regarding the correct placement of these patches on your uniform.  Some patches are "permanent" patches that are to be worn on your uniform at all times.  Other patches are "temporary" patches that are to be worn on your uniform for only a certain period of time.  "Temporary" patches are typically worn on your right shirt pocket.  Only one "temporary" patch may be displayed at a time.